You Might Experience These Problems If You Wear Dentures

Actually, side effects from the use of dentures that can end up with pneumonia occur because they rarely remove dentures while sleeping. In fact, removing false teeth before going to bed is highly recommended to prevent infection. Unfortunately, if you already suffer from a dental infection, we suggest you visit the certified and the best dentist Beaverton.

Removing it also aims to rest your oral cavity.

According to a 2014 Journal of Dental Research study, users of dentures, especially the elderly, are 2.3 times more likely to get pneumonia. The study involved 524 elderly people with an average age of 87 years, who were randomly selected.

The researchers then looked at oral health care for the elderly and provided medical assessments. Research that lasted for three years showed 48 cases related to pneumonia.

Of the 48 cases, 20 people died and 28 others were treated intensively in hospitals. About 453 elderly who use dentures, 186 of them wear them while sleeping and tend to be more at risk for pneumonia.

Although it is not yet clear what causes this, it’s good to keep following your doctor’s advice to remove dentures before going to sleep.

In addition, it is no secret that the side effects of using dentures can affect your oral health. In fact, this condition can be worsened if you don’t keep your dentures and mouth clean.

Therefore, when you experience some of the symptoms below, please consult with your dentist to get the right treatment.

The gums bleed and swell
Bad breath
Ulcers in the mouth that have lasted more than two weeks.
The crust of saliva near the mouth.
Remove other teeth.

Actually, the side effects of using dentures can be reduced if you follow the advice of your doctor. In addition, routine dental check-ups to your doctor are also highly recommended considering that you need to replace dentures that match your mouth size.

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