The Popularity Of Cast Iron Teapot

For tea lovers, of course, the presence of a teapot is a must not be missed. Attractive type and design can also be a determining factor in the selection of tools for brewing this tea. One type of teapot that was rarely used by tea lovers but now has a lot of demand is Teekanne aus Gusseisen or cast iron teapot. One of the main reasons that cast iron teapots are popular among tea lovers is that they have a large amount of heat retention, making users able to warm the tea for a longer time compared to other types of teapots. By using this type of teapot, you do not need to heat the tea continuously after it cools. Tea will also remain warm enough to drink even when you leave the kettle away from the stove for quite a long time.

At first, cast iron teapots were only used to boil water. People in China and Japan are the first to use it to brew tea. Using a cast-iron teapot to brew the tea is believed to enhance the taste of the drink because the iron inside it comes out when it’s hot. If in the past this pot was a simple shape now with various accessories such as tea infuser added to enable users to make tea without significant difficulties. This also makes this type of teapot popular among tea lovers. But not only for this reason because the even distribution of heat makes the taste of high-quality tea brewed in the teapot more delicious.

Cast iron teapots have been very popular since ancient times because they have been used as a tea maker for four hundred years. But at that time the teapot with the basic ingredients of cast iron became a symbol of social and economic status because the beautiful carvings on the teapot were difficult to make and had quite expensive prices. If in the past these pots tend to be large, now you will easily find a cast iron teapot available in a variety of sizes that are much slimmer and lighter. The increasingly beautiful and unique design certainly adds to the beauty of this tea brewing tool that you must have in your home.

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