Here It Is B1 English Test

If you want to hone your English skills to be better, then you can take the b1 test. Please note, the b1 english test is a test that focuses on the ability to speak and listen to English. GESE for Oral English Leveled Exam. As it should, we should continue to hone our English to a higher level english grammar help.

Based on the Secure English Language Test or SELTs, GESE for ESOL at Trinity College is at level 5 and 6. To take this test, two prerequisites are required, namely passing the UK Test and meeting CEFR b1 or more qualifications. CEFR itself is the Europian General Terms of Reference for Languages.

Here later, the test will be carried out in two phases, each of which takes up to five minutes. The first is the topic of discussion. At this stage, participants will be allowed to express their opinions on personal topics. Participants will be given the freedom to determine the topic and prepare it before being discussed with the examiner for five minutes. Use this time as best you can to avoid fatal mistakes during the exam.

The second is discussing together with examiners in interviews. There will be two topics chosen by the examiner as a test. Participants will express their ideas and also share information on topics as long as participants demonstrate their ability to speak English. The two topics will be taken from several topics that have been provided, among them are about festivals, means of transportation, special events, entertainment, music, and the latest personal experience.

By taking the test here, you can improve your skills in English. As it is known that having English language skills, especially in this advanced age, is very, very important. All things depend on English as an international language. In addition, by taking this b1 test, this can also be useful for a number of things, including personal, studying, traveling, working, completing or for visa applications.