Proper Exercise For People With Knee Joint Pain

Knee joint pain can interfere with daily activities. There are several things that can affect the onset of this complaint, ranging from excess weight, injury to the knee, to the aging process knee specialist in los angeles. The knee organs allow the legs to move and walk. Inside, there is a fluid pouch that lubricates the surface of the tendon and reduces friction when the tendon in the knee moves. If your knee is experiencing interference, you may feel pain. Adult age is the age group most prone to this disorder. In most cases, this condition is caused by osteoarthritis. Without proper treatment in knee specialist los angeles, it can trigger the destruction of the cartilage that is between the joints, so the bones rub against each other and cause pain.

The benefits of regular exercise can reduce knee joint pain. Exercise can also help relieve pain, stiffness, swelling, and strengthen the muscles supporting the joints. Even so, not all types of sports can be done. In order not to choose the wrong, here is a safe exercise for sufferers of knee joint pain:

On foot
Although it involves the knee, walking is the sport that is the lowest risk for a sufferer of knee joint pain. Walking does not exert excessive pressure on the knee such as when running. In addition to relieving knee joint pain, walking can also strengthen leg muscles.

Apart from walking, you can also jog or jog. But first, consider the condition of knee pain. If the condition is not severe, you can jog. But if you have a history of a knee injury, you should avoid jogging because it can increase the risk of long-term knee arthritis.

Cycling is a low impact sport for the knee. A low impact exercise is a form of physical activity that does not put heavy stress on parts of the body. This type of exercise is suitable for those of you who suffer from knee joint pain because it does not increase stress levels in the knee.

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