How to Keep Colored Hair in Order to Stay Strong and Beautiful

The development of technology that is growing faster makes it easier for people to find information. Similarly, information on model trends and hair color. Various websites make reference models and hair colors that are tailored to the face shape, especially for women. One of them is the Black Health and Wealth website. Actually, the website does not only contain models and hair colors, but there is a special section that talks about hair trends, especially for black women.

Hair coloring has indeed been a trend for a long time. But if you want your hair to look strong and not fall out easily, you have to take care to look after it. Hair dyes usually contain chemicals that can damage the scalp. This is why if you feel dry hair and easily fall out after being colored. You need special tricks so that the hair roots remain strong and the appearance remains charming. The following are some tips from us to keep hair from being damaged easily after being colored:

– Caring for hair using bananas
Bananas can also be used to maintain hair beauty. In order for hair to be free of problems with dry and damaged hair due to the use of hair paint, just mix the banana that has been mashed with yogurt. Apply to the hair evenly, from the tip to the base of the hair. Let stand for 20 minutes, then shampoo as usual. Do it regularly 2 times a week to get the desired results.

– Healthy hair with honey
Because you forget to treat colored hair, your hair becomes dry and easily falls out. You can try to overcome using honey. Take 2-3 drops of honey, then mix it on shampoo or conditioner. Apply evenly to all hair, let stand for a while then wash thoroughly.

– Try using olive oil
Famous olive oil has benefits to enhance appearance because it contains nutrients to maintain healthy hair. The method is quite easy, rub one to two teaspoons of olive oil into the scalp. Massage slowly then let stand 20-30 minutes, wash as usual. Hair becomes shiny and soft.

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