4 Ways To Overcome Bathroom Problems

The bathroom is one of the service areas in the house which is a place where all sanitation activities take place, from bathing to urinating. However, with such an important role it turns out the bathroom is one area in the house that often causes problems http://www.foleyhomes.com/bathroom-remodeling-northern-va/. For example the problem of odor, a clogged toilet, slippery floor, and the emergence of small animals such as cockroaches or centipedes. There is no problem that has no way out. Some of these problems can be overcome with the right solution. If you feel the need to also change the concept of the bathroom, you should use energy from bathroom renovation northern virginia because they can give you the right advice for the bathroom remodeling. Following this, solutions to problems that often occur in the bathroom at home.

1. Bathroom smells
If the odor comes from the toilet, it is usually caused by an improper installation process. Then the solution is to disassemble the toilet again and make sure the connector seal is installed properly. In addition to improper installation, odors in the toilet can also be caused by various things. For example the lack of air circulation in the bathroom.

To overcome this, by installing an exhaust fan that can be made to lead to the outside or ceiling of the room. But do not forget, frequently clean the exhaust fan that is often covered with dust, so that it functions optimally.

2. Slippery floors
There are many causes of the floor in the bathroom to be slippery. For example, standing water also triggers the growth of moss on the surface of the floor. This puddle causes the floor to be slippery, easy to get moldy and mossy. To overcome this, the level of the slope of the previous floor must be changed. Ideally, the floor should have a slope of 1-3 cm from the farthest corner of the bathroom towards the drainage hole or about 1% of the floor-length and width. The nature of this floor is elastic and more friendly on the feet will make users not easily slip.

3. Yellow stains on the floor
The appearance of the floor becomes less attractive because there are spots or stains and crust on the floor. These stains and crusts are difficult to clean. Spots on the floor can be caused by poor water quality because it contains a lot of deposits. So it leaves marks on the surface of the floor.

To get rid of spotting and crust on the bathroom floor or wall, you can use natural ingredients like vinegar. The trick, pour vinegar on the stain you want to clean, let stand for 5 minutes then rub with a cloth until clean.

4. Clogged Toilets
Clogged toilet cases are often found. A clogged toilet may not necessarily occur because the product is ugly and not qualified. It could be due to the condition of dirty pipes, both in the pipe connection, lane, slope, up to the diameter that is not appropriate can also make the toilet clogged. The solution, avoid the formation of a pipeline that is too winding and too many connections. In addition, make sure that the slope and size of the dirty water pipe comply with existing standards.

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